A few things about my name: I typically go by my English middle name (you can call me Frank or Franklin), and this is the name I publish under. However, my Chinese name is Wang Zhilong (王稚龙, pronounced wong-juh-long) - my emails will be addressed from ‘Zhilong Wang’, and I am more than happy to be called by my Chinese name too!

Before moving to the United States, I grew up in Sai Kung (西貢), a seaside district in Hong Kong. I’m an identical triplet: there are two genetic copies of me living in Wisconsin and Tennessee!

My first couple of years in the U.S was spent in Champaign, Illinois: I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Astronomy (with a minor in Physics) from the University of Illinois. I was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and served as its philanthropy chair, recruitment chair, and chapter president. In addition to my social fraternity, I played wing on the Illinois Men’s Rugby Club during my freshman and sophomore years, and volunteered with the Epsilon Eta environmental honors fraternity.

Since moving to College Station, I’ve re-focused my hobbies to be centered around astronomy-related outreach programs. I am currently the primary organizer for our local Astronomy on Tap and the Texas A&M Gateway to Graduate School program. In addition to organizing, I enjoy giving public talks: I’ve presented at Astronomy on Tap and for the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club.

Asides from astronomy, I enjoy skiing, skateboarding, country music, fishing, Illini Athletics, the Chicago Bears, and, since very recently, the St. Louis Cardinals.